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FIA Senate President Nick Craw has revealed that Formula 1 may make a return to the United States in the near future. The last Formula 1 race in the United States was in 2007 at Indianapolis.
In a SpeedTV interview Craw said, “I think everybody from the commercial rights holders to the teams and sponsors see the absence of a US Grand Prix a huge liability.”
In 2009, there wasn’t even a race in North America, although the 2010 provisional Formula 1 calendar does have a date in Montreal, Canada in June.
Craw also commented that if the United States does get a Formula 1 race, it will most likely not take place in Indianapolis. “If you’ve seen some of the Taj Mahal’s being built for the F1 circuits these days I don’t see any budget for that in the United States so I think that it is more likely that we will see a temporary street circuit in or around a major metropolitan area and there are two or three right now looking at that possibility,” Craw said.
New York City has been rumored time and again for hosting a Formula 1 race, although personally I see that as a logistical impossibility. CART attempted to host a race in downtown Manhattan during the mid-1990s but were unsuccessful.
Street circuits, throughout United States grand prix history, have been the most common route for hosting races. There have been United States grands prix on the streets of Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, and most recently Phoenix in 1991.
I completely agree with Craw’s comments about the United States not being able to host a grand prix on a permanent circuit. None of US’s permanent circuits are of the caliber that Formula 1 would expect, the closest tracks to suit Formula 1’s needs are either Indianapolis (which has been ruled out as an option) or Laguna Seca (which hosts MotoGP races, but doesn’t have the infrastructure needed for Formula 1).
As we can see from a track like Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi (pictured below), which hosted its first Formula 1 race a few weeks ago, someone would have to shovel out some serious cash to build a track like this in the United States.Yas Marina Hotel
…I wonder if one of those “two or three” cities is Philadelphia…(doubtful).