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No chance first of all at USF1 (or is it USGPE?) being competitive against the reigning World Champions. But what the headline is really about is that Ross Brawn has just recently slammed the new-to-F1 team for 2010. When Ross Brawn was asked what he thinks of the chances of USF1 appearing on the grid, he replied that the team has a 0% chance. The USF1 team has yet to begin crash testing components for their 2010 car, something that BrawnGP has been doing for the past two months. Another interesting point is that FOTA (the Formula One Teams Association) held a vote recently regarding teams selling their entries to the 2010 season to other teams that weren’t received entries to the championship. Every team voted against the motion, except for USF1… Are Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson getting cold feet? The two had just recently signed a sponsorship agreement between themselves and YouTube for next year.


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